Our Mission

Escape Room Creator aims to give creatives with a unique way of connecting with others around them: By creating super personal escape games that challenge players, initiate adventure and deepen connections.

Our story

One morning, I found an envelope on my bed. It was about two weeks before my birthday and I hadn't expected anything this soon, but my girlfriend urged me to open it. The letter contained two things: a riddle and puzzle piece. This puzzle piece would be the first of many. Over the next weeks, I found more and more pieces. From friends, in obscure places, they were everywhere. Finally it was my birthday, and I thought my hard work was over, the puzzle was complete. However the puzzle only contained a clue to the actual present... This puzzle was not over jet.

A few months later, it was my girlfriend her birthday and I decided to make her work for her present even harder. That was when I created a first escape puzzle. She puzzled for weeks, searching around the house, solving riddles and she loved it. This laid the foundation for Escape Room Creator.

I cannot wait to see what you make and I hope that it will bring you as much joy as it did to me.

— Wouter